America's Optimal Timeline Opportunity April Eclipse Mass Meditation


 For Context :

  • (Source) " 2024 will be the key year for the United States influencing the planetary situation, with total Solar eclipse coming on April 8th and election on November 5th. It is very important for the Lightworkers to anchor the Light as much as possible during this year in the USA ".

Intro Section

Its very important people remember actual Ascension cannot happen before the Liberation

The Matrix was created to prevent the Ascension of humanity.

We must exit this abusive entropy based reality before true light & truth can emerge. 

The boost of energy that Mass Meditation brings to the light grid is essential to human beings responding to facts, they wont admit the truth because they are tired.

There is not enough free flowing light within the energy grid of the nation and planet consistently enough for enough people to have the strength to take real action

So by strengthening the light grid in practical consistent ways this will accelerate the dissolution of the matrix as the first logical step to Disclosure then Ascension.

Aside from spreading reliable information, doing mass meditations is extremely powerful because it is a quantum process-we are actually deciding the mold of the quantum foam which shapes our physical reality. 


Visuals of this Principle :

Sand (quantum foam) = physical universal

HZ = unique conscious intention

Formation = the manifestation occurring based on the HZ/intention

Forming the quantum foam / outcome-Creation is the clay our hands the intention.

The Science of Mass Meditation is clear :

We are simply magnifying the principles described in the works of Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton to effect a nation(environment) through collective mental/emotional synchronized coherent intention.

This is why its much more powerful to have the same intention at the same time.

Imagine a light bright with all the lights at the same time appose to just a few lights flickering here and there at different points in time-this is key to understand in context of the mass super consciousness we are apart of.

Understanding Mass Super Consciousness :

When we understand that the act of mass meditation is to grab the attention of humanities collective higher self, then it becomes clear how powerful this action really is because that being is way stronger than the couple thousand core cabal members they cannot stand up to that being, they can only keep us distracted from coming together to make this happen, because each time it does a major loss of power that they can never get back takes place creating long lasting positive change for the optimal timeline


 " The Mega Murican Mind "

I speak american" | 'Murica | Know Your Meme

The Spiritual Community

Their are many spiritual and meditation based people & channels on social media in America.

Plenty of them have large followings.

For most spiritual channels online it would be hard to imagine that their audience would be unable resonate with a 20 minute mass meditation at least once this year during the eclipse

This means that it is well within possibility to reach the critical mass -meaning a legitimate change and increased vibe with interesting future outcomes for America is 100% possible-especially in the aspects of Disclosure  :

  • The actual Critical Mass Equation = Square root of 2x population -with a bonus 15-20 % since human concentration is not perfect.

America Population is about 333 million people

The critical mass is about 26,000 people

  • That number is interesting synchronicity as 26,000  in years equals 1 Platonic year - Great_Year 

Now if we add the additional 20% participation bonus to account for human concentration within the busy American Consciousness that puts the total number required for affecting the American timeline at about 28-31k (30k)people unifying thought and emotion at the same time on the physical plane (light bright analogy ) for physical changes to occur.

This meditation is created by the world record holders of Mass Meditations-An expert organization that has kept humanity on the optimal timeline for over half a decade :

Anyone can simply type the term mass meditation on Youtube and the first channel that is always recommended will be We Love Mass Meditation

Most questions / concerns regarding meditation can be reviewed here :

Lastly, this is a far more powerful and strategic action plan than worrying about the election when we have the power, so if you feel guided everyone is more than welcome to learn more about the importance and significance of this upcoming mass meditation, thank you for consideration and see you there !


" The energy is slowly building for the total Solar eclipse on April 8th, which will be one of the key moments of opportunity to strengthen the positive timeline for the United States to enter the Age of Aquarius.

As instructed by Saint Germain, the Light Forces are asking as many people from the United States as possible to participate in the mass meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse at 18:18 UTC:


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